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Explore More and Earn More as a Roadpreneur

I'm Kimberly — mom, glamping fanatic, and (obviously) business owner! I help aspiring entrepreneurs design their life around freedom rather than . 

I started Roadpreneur as a subset of Cruisin' + Campfires after having hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of conversations with entrepreneurs about running a business while traveling. The common theme? Wanting to explore more while still earning a healthy income.

Ready to see how you can keep your business moving, even when the Internet connection gets choppy? Get on the waitlist for the upcoming Roadpreneur 101 course!

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WAITLIST: Roadpreneur 101

Ready to take your business on the road — even if that just means being able to push further and stay longer with your family? This course is getting built for you.

The Content Creation Resource Pack

Your content can't work without you showing up, right? But dang if showing up isn't crazy hard these days! The creative effort it takes to keep producing is draining — so much so that experts are now pushing for a change in how we create.

In the Content Creation Resource Pack, you'll get the modern tech, strategies, and templates to support you when you know you need more content but don't know where to start in the creation process.

The Focus-Driven Month

Ever wish you could have a business partner in your back pocket to bounce ideas off of, get clarification, and just find new ways of growing your business? Let's work together.

With The Focus-Driven Month, you'll reduce overwhelm while advancing your business — and do it with an experienced accountability partner working alongside you for 30-days on Zoom and Voxer.

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